Private Agent

With “Private Agent” we intend to characterize an exclusive service that finds its raison d’être in the difference between the Italian/spanish and the English market in real estate services. In London the agents follow only the part that entrusts him with the mandate, typically the seller, so the buyer is alone in front of the market and can not rely on the intermediary service present in the Italian/spanish market.

By borrowing the Private Banking service dedicated to financial investments, Real Estate Xchange is become the exclusive agent of the buyer in order to obtain the best result from the investment.

The process involves a careful examination of the investment objectives, from the type of property, to its location, to the needs of use during the investment period (for oneself and one’s family, or only to be put into buy to let or a formula mixed).

Real Estate Xchange once defined the ideal investment profile acting in the market, by generating opportunities still off-market, or by selecting the opportunities target in the market, between the offers existing by anyone managed (private individuals, brokers, professionals).

To complete the service, we take care of the investment Real Estate Xchange is able to organize and coordinate in favour of its client all the professional skills essential to the definition of the deal (lawyers, accountants, architects and, if required, credit institutions).

Real Estate Xchange will help you to find the best deal

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